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Acid -etched and scratched glass graffiti is the new pandemic in vandalism and is becoming more and more common, especially on transport infrastructure.​

Using our specialist processes we can remove this without the environmental and financial cost of glass replacement.

Vandals are using hydrofluric acid which eats into the surface of the glass leaving a hard crust.

These can be coloured and depending on the method used, quite wide and damaging.

Phase 1: Removal


This offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing the damaged glass. On a day-to-day basis, our highly experienced glass polishers can restore graffiti damaged shopfront panels, entrance doors and glass balustrades. 

Phase 2: Protection & Prevention

We can protect glass using a specialist film.

Our specialist films: 

  • Ensure acid does not penetrate the glass surface

  • Prevent acid forming any shapes on the surface

  • Acid Pens will create just beads on the surface easily wiped away with a dry cloth

  • Can be coated to protect against bacteria 

Protection from scratched Graffiti 

Protect your glass surfaces from scratches with our high-quality protective film.

Our film is sacrificial, which means that if it is scratched, it can be easily replaced.

Say goodbye to costly glass replacements and enjoy long-lasting protection with our film.

Graffiti Removal & Protection
Graffiti Removal & Protection

Scratch Graffiti at Clapham Station, London

Our Work

Acid Etched Graffiti at Virginia Waters, London

Graffiti Removal & Protection
Graffiti Removal & Protection
Graffiti Removal & Protection
Graffiti Removal & Protection

Southwestern Rail were experiencing issues with acid and scratch graffiti across their network,

making glass unsightly and not in keeping with their high standards.

We came up with a solution.

Using specialist glass polishing techniques, we successfully removed all acid etchings and scratches throughout the station, bringing the glass back to its original state. We also went a step further by protecting the glass against further graffiti by installing specialist clear safety film which repels acid and protects the glass from scratch damage, saving money and reducing the environmental impacts of replacing the glass.

Scratch Graffiti at Kings Cross Station,  London

Graffiti Removal & Protection
Graffiti Removal & Protection

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