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Spraying Chemical on Stairs

 Specifically designed to minimise the risk of infection, cross infection,

cross-contamination and spoilage which occurs

as a result of contact with surfaces or air.

 Uses: Disinfection, Cleaning, Hand & Skin Hygiene

 Antimicrobial Efficacy, show EN Certificates, AOAC test certificates, FDA Monograph (Bacteria) 

Cleaning with Water Pump
Remove bad odours & dangerous germs with long lasting results
Kills 99% bacteria, reduces bad odours and biofilm

Works on toilets, sinks, urinals and shower drainage
Designed for: Hospitals,
Care Homes and busy Public Toilets

Kills Fungiblack mould grimeVirus control
No dismantling of WC required.
Low chemical concentration
Single step program lasts up to 28 days
Disability Access

Toilet Neutralising

Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking

Sanitary Neutralising

Antibacterial Fogging

Creating a Cleaner, Safer Environment 

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